Pantheon Radio is a non-profit making enthusiast radio station dedicated to players of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen.

Running a radio station is expensive, Website fees, Station provider usage fees and although we specifically use non royalty material we have to pay for SOCAM , PRM licencing to allow country wide broadcasts.

Donations is something we appreciate as it helps to provide continuity going forward.


Listening to Pantheon Radio

Currently the station is running on Icecast and restricted to the site, however we have plans in the upcoming month to release an android and IOS app and make available on Itunes to give players the freedom of listing in the car , whilst at work :P , on the train, in the house or in game. Our focus currently is building up the team and content.


Becoming Involved

Want to become involved in Pantheon Radio, have your own show or simple just help. Please get in touch we would love to hear from you.



Mail : PantheonRadioStation@gmail.com

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